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The German and Danish pronunciations are listed as e-LEE-zah-bet and e-LEE-sah-bet, respectively, but according to the Pronunciation Guide the third syllable should be -zu- or -su-, maybe -zuh- or -suh-. I wish this site used IPA.
Crissov  1/18/2016
Elisabeth should not be pronounced with a z sound, it needs the s like it is spelled, it is prettier and I really get upset when my name gets confused from the more common Elizabeth.
irish_pixie_19  2/2/2009
It is pronounced EH-LEES-UH-BET. No "th" on the end. That totally destroys it. Pronounce it correctly!
lunalovegood  1/25/2008
To the person above me. What makes you think that is the way to pronounce it? If this names is spelled Elisabet then I agree it should be pronounced like that but when there's a "th" at the end it should be e-liz-uh-beth like it is spelled. I actually love the "th" sound at the end.
renee06  2/29/2008
I prefer it pronounced eh-liss-u-beth.
― Anonymous User  2/25/2007
Listen to the German pronunciation of Elisabeth here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
In Dutch it's pronounced ay-LEE-zah-bet.
GLynElisabeth  5/20/2006

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