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This name is pronounced el-ish-ah in Hebrew in Hebrew.
-- Miss Claire  12/5/2004
I know two girls with this name. It irritates me to no end - Elisha is for a boy!
-- Anonymous User  6/28/2005
Elisha, a girl in in 'The Nightmare Academy', was a spy and one of the heroines of the books. She, along with her twin brother Elijah, got themselves sent to the Knight-Moore Academy where their parents later lost them along the way.
-- echo_of_the_past  2/20/2006
The Elisha in Nightmare Academy/Hangman's Curse pronounced her name, "ee-LEESH-ah.
-- Shasta  9/24/2006
Elisha was the successor of Elijha in the Old Testament. Before Elijah was taken into heaven by a chariot of fire, he asked Elisha what he wanted, and Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah's annointing. Elijah then said, if he saw him being taken into heaven, that the double portion would be bestowed upon him.
-- avalah  6/23/2006
Elijah and Elisha's stories were (mostly) told in first and second Kings.
-- avalah  6/23/2006
American actress Elisha Cuthbert bears the name.
-- Maggie_Simpson  8/25/2006
I know a girl named Elisha, I never knew this name was for a boy! I like this name on a girl much better.
-- Taydbug112  12/9/2006
It absolutely makes me CRINGE to see this name on a girl.
-- arrowhead909  1/9/2007
Eli Manning's first name. Eli is just a nickname.
-- Anonymous User  1/22/2007
When I first saw this name printed out I thought it was a girl and was surprised to see it for a boy. It does look rather feminine and for those who aren't biblical are more inclined to pronounce it a-Lee-sha not e-Lie-sha.
-- Anonymous User  5/2/2007
Elisha is the Czech and Slovak form. Name Day: 14th June.
-- Karcoolka  6/16/2007
Elisha is really name for a boy!
-- Maggie_Simpson  9/11/2007
I like this name. A lot of people are saying that girls have this name, but they don't pronounce it ee-LIE-sha, they pronounce it ah-LEE-sha.
-- jasmineenimsaj  2/12/2008
Pronounced "e-LEE-sha".
-- MaggieSimpson  5/20/2008
Whether you pronounce the name as ''ee-LIE-sha'' or ''e-LI-sha'', it has got to be the most feminine-sounding masculine name I have ever come across. I'm sorry, but it actually sounds like a feminine ghetto name, regardless of which pronunciation you pick, so I don't know who would dare to name their son this in America. Somewhere else, maybe, if it sounds masculine at all there. This didn't sound masculine to me when I was 11 years old, didn't speak English very well, and heard the track I May Be Single by a female singer named Elisha LaVerne on MTV on a few occasions (gosh, the crap I remember from 1996!). I don't think this name sounds masculine anywhere in Europe.
-- slight night shiver  5/22/2008
American actor Elisha Cook jr. (born 26th December 1903, San Francisco, California - death 18th May 1995, Big Pine, California, USA).
-- MaggieSimpson  1/22/2010
I do not like this name. It's too manly for a girl, and too girly for a boy.
-- Dawson  12/10/2010
I love this name! But it is absolutely for a boy. I HATE when people use it for a girl.
-- harry_sent_me  3/14/2011
I like Elisha even though it's not as popular as Elijah. I chose to call my character Eli for short even if it's not a recognized diminutive.
-- Vani Joy  7/27/2012
There is also the Arabic variation which can be written as Alyasa, Elyasa, Il-Yasa, or El-Yasa.
-- damsel  2/26/2013
My brothers name is Elisha. We pronounce it Ee-lye-shuh but when people hear the name, they automatically assume he's a girl and pronounce it Uh-lee-shuh.
-- Anonymous User  12/29/2013
My 5-year-old young daughter is named Elisha (pronounced "el-LEE-sha"), and everyone loves it. My preferred nickname for her is the beautiful "El" / "Elle"; my husband calls her "Elf"; and she can choose "Ellie" (although I'm not a fan of that nickname). It's a nice change from the far more popular E-names "Emily" and "Emma" -- we already know at least three girls with each of those versions.

Everyone who sees the name (who isn't a Biblical scholar) assumes that it's a girl's name.

There is the occasional confusion with "Alicia", but it's survivable.
-- DHI  6/8/2014
Related name: Joshua.
-- Sabertooth  8/15/2014
Elisha is not related to Joshua. See the comments under Joshua for details.
-- LMS  10/11/2014
Anyone who gives such a magnificent boy's name to a girl, ruining it's masculinity, should be ashamed.
-- Ali Hassan  9/17/2014

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