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My parents named my sister Elissa by just dropping the "M" off of Melissa.
Tshmailyb  1/6/2006
Could be a short form of Elizabeth.
Hushpuppy  12/24/2008
Meaning: God's girl.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2008
I've been told that the name Elissa means 'warrior-woman' in Punic/Phoenician, but I have no idea whether this is true.
The same person also told me about a Punic myth about Dido/Elissa in which her city of Carthage was besieged by Aeneas and shortly before he managed to enter the city and the tower in which she was hiding she committed suicide to prevent being raped by him. Supposedly Vergil knew of this version of the myth also, but it didn't fit the heroic character of his version of Aeneas, so he changed it to a love story, having Dido/Elissa commit suicide over Aeneas leaving her. Again, I also have no idea whether this is true.
nienke09  5/5/2017

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