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Actually, the original Hebrew form of Elizabeth was Elisheva, not Elisheba.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2005
I have heard that the meaning of the name is "consecreted to God". I especially like this interpretation.
zohoury  1/15/2006
Elisheva (Elisabeth) was a wife of Aharon in Old Testament and mother of Yohanan the Baptist in the new one.
lizka  9/20/2006
The name has more than one meaning, two that I know of are:
"God is my oath" and "Sheba is my God".
Patricia Underwood  2/1/2008
The word שׁבע (sheba) is a verb that means "to take an oath, to swear". The word שֶׁבַע means "seven" (which has the connotation of abundance). The word אֱלִ means "my God".
Aristoteles  11/14/2009

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