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The name can also be pronounced like Ellie is said.
― Anonymous User  4/5/2018
You can also pronounce it El-ee.
AmyIsDaBest  3/14/2016
The name Elle can be pronounced in two different ways: like the commonplace name for the letter "L" (in other words, EL), or similarly as one would pronounce the name Ellie. (I should know, because I nearly got named this alternate version.)
― Anonymous User  6/17/2013
Can also be pronounced EL-ee. A friend of mine has the given name of Elizabeth Quinn, but goes by Elle. It's like Ellie, without the "i."
mariej2  4/18/2010
My name is Elle but it's pronounced Ellie. The last "e" in my name is actually with an accent but the accent isn't pronounced. It's very weird but I can only thank my parents for giving me an unusual name!
miss.elle  4/12/2006

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