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'Ellen' is also an Anglo-Saxon word meaning 'courage'. I'm an Ellen, and I always liked that meaning.
ellenscult  5/12/2006
It's a Danish form of Helena. It's also used in Scandinavia (I'm Scandinavian, and my name is Ellen).
someone1  1/6/2007
While nearly every naming book I've found says that Ellen comes from the Greek Helen, I have to question how they determine their source. I've used the spelling Elne for Ellen, online, since years before the internet was created, I found that 'Ellen' was Old English for 'elne' in the OED. I can't remember the extact meaning of 'elne' of the top of my head, but it was something like strength, courage and sometimes zeal in OE. I never found any other dictionary other then the OED, that list 'elne' as a word, as it is no longer in used, though it is Modern English.
or as known across the internet, Elne Clare.
ElneClare  3/19/2007

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