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Ellery Queen is a fictional American detective. He was created by Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee. He has been portrayed not only in books but also on radio, T.V., and film.
breakofday  12/30/2005
Good name, but reminds me of Celery an awful lot.
bschoer10  5/31/2006
Ben Harper & Laura Dern's son is called Ellery.
bschoer10  5/31/2006
I really like this name, and at the moment it isn't popular so that's a plus. I also like that it has the nickname Elle. Ellery has a nice feminime sound to it and also looks pretty and girly. I think if you like names such as Bethany, Chloe and Lucy then you'll like Ellery a lot.
Free_Spirited_Girly  10/1/2006
Ellery has grown on me. It is a nice sounding name. I am still torn over whether boy or girl usage though. It does sound a bit feminine.
― Anonymous User  12/23/2006
I think Ellery would be a really cool name for girl. I wish it were mine.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2007
I really like this name. It seems quite unique. It rhymes with celery though and that's the first thought that pops into my head. I hate celery so I couldn't use this name. Darn my brain.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2007
A famous bearer of this name is Ellery Klein, the fiddle player from the Celtic folk band Gaelic Storm.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2007
I like it. It sounds feminine to me, but I prefer surnames for boys.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2007
My best friend's name is Ellery Grace. I love her name! It's unique, and I think it's VERY pretty and feminine! I've never thought of it sounding like a boy name, I think it's completely feminine. It does sound like Celery, though.
grapefruit_girl  7/13/2007
Why does everyone say this is a feminine name, it's my dad's name and it's also my name.
Marth5322  5/10/2008
My name is Ellery, and I personally think it is a very nice name. I believe it is a girl's name, not only because I am a girl, but because it is very feminine sounding. It does remind people of Celery, but it doesn't bother me anymore. I like it and am happy that Ellery is my name. I love it, and wouldn't change it for the world.
― Anonymous User  10/4/2008
Ellery definitely doesn't sound like a girls name to me. It's too strong. Also, if you had twin boys, you could name them Ellery and Emmett.
ema_kala  4/25/2009
Ellery Mayne is the eponymous character in "Mayne Attraction" by Ann Mauren, a truly awful free book (think 'Twilight' series but far less fun) on the Amazon Kindle.
MiYung  5/23/2011
It sounds too much like Hilary with a dropped H - a far prettier name similar to Ellery is the Welsh Eleri which I find adorable.
Just Jonquil  7/23/2011
In the Middle Ages, Ellery was the common English form of the Greek name Eulalia. So technically, it is also a feminine name, albeit of a different etymology.
SugarPlumFairy  7/28/2012
SugarPlumFairy is right.
Ellery is a girl's name in the English West Country, used since medieval times as a corruption of Eulalie. It also has the form Elaria.
Here's what I've just added for Elaria as a "reader-submitted name":
An English medieval form of Eulalia. It was caused by a confusion of the second L with R in local speech, and this also resulted in Hilaria in medieval records, as distinct from the male name Hilary. The cult of St Eulalia spread from Spain and France to the English West Country, where, like Ellery (a corruption of Eulalie)for girls, this name, Elaria, seems to have been used the most. It has been used occasionally in England up until the present day, a search of genealogical sources suggests.
Just Jonquil  8/26/2012
Ellery Sprayberry (born 2000 in Houston, Texas) is an American child actress.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
Ellery McCelery.
citylights  8/27/2013
I've only known this as a masculine name. I was named Ellery after my Uncle. My grandson's name is also Ellery. I prefer it to be pronounced two syllables like ell-ry. I've never met a female with this name.
ElleryBerry  12/13/2013
I was surprised to find out that "Ellery" began as a masculine name because I've only met girls with the name. I think it's a lovely name, but I think it's more feminine.
KatieFisCosetteF  3/22/2014
My daughter's name is Ellery. It is an English gentlemans name (which I was informed of by one such gentleman). However, I chose it because of William Ellery, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. I'm a history buff.
stlouisnative  5/4/2014
This is a females name! Not REMOTELY masculine.
― Anonymous User  11/21/2014
I don't care what ANYONE says, this name screams girl to me. I don't see a single thing boyish or masculine about this name whatsoever.
It's rather feminine for a boy, don'tcha think? Hint hint.
― Anonymous User  5/17/2015
Does sound like celery... but a nice, classically masculine & strong name. Picture a man when saying it; works for me. The "Ell" and "y" sounds combined make it sound a bit more feminine than many boy's names, but there are good girl's names with a more masculine feel to them, so why not? I think I prefer Emery, but this isn't bad. Would sound pretty "tryndee" on a girl; bleh.
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  6/9/2015
I think the lilting Welsh name Eleri is a much prettier alternative, which has the further merit of avoiding the "celery" sound.
Just Jonquil  3/22/2016
I don't care what you say, this is a MALE name, period. It doesn't matter if you think it sounds feminine or not, its roots are masculine.
Personally, it doesn't sound feminine at all to me, and its roots and usage prove that. It's a male name, period! Stop giving girls male's names, enough with that stupid trend.
caetano  5/13/2016
The name Ellery was given to 254 girls and 13 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
This name actually originated as feminine. So why can't a girl have it? It's "too strong". I see. I actually thinks that's a little sexist.
Eileen1209864  6/30/2016
My name is Ellery Queen! I'm a 39 yr old male. My father named me after the Ellery Queen books! I actually have a copy of one of the books from the 1930's! I would have to say that the name being used as a girl's name is not a bad thing! For those who don't know the name originally was derived from the name Hilary/Hillary! Yes, many a joke about the former first lady and current presidential candidate! Lol! As for any expecting parents, I would say use the name! Boy or girl!
Ellery Queen  8/4/2016

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