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In the Middle Ages, Ellery was the common English form of the Greek name Eulalia. So technically, it is also a feminine name, albeit of a different etymology.
SugarPlumFairy  7/28/2012
SugarPlumFairy is right.
Ellery is a girl's name in the English West Country, used since medieval times as a corruption of Eulalie. It also has the form Elaria.
Here's what I've just added for Elaria as a "reader-submitted name":
An English medieval form of Eulalia. It was caused by a confusion of the second L with R in local speech, and this also resulted in Hilaria in medieval records, as distinct from the male name Hilary. The cult of St Eulalia spread from Spain and France to the English West Country, where, like Ellery (a corruption of Eulalie)for girls, this name, Elaria, seems to have been used the most. It has been used occasionally in England up until the present day, a search of genealogical sources suggests.
Just Jonquil  8/26/2012

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