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Means "apple" in Turkish.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2006
Such an adorable name! I've met a little girl named Elma. She was so cute!
pindaprincess  7/13/2006
Pronounced EL-mah in German. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/6/2009
In Sweden, Elma has sometimes been used as a short form of Ellen Maria.
Caprice  7/29/2012
Means "apple" in Turkish, such an amazing name and cute too, love it.
annemarie98  12/8/2015
I thought this name was lovely; it reminded me of elm trees; it's just generally elegant and noble, and then all of a sudden I thought of

(you don't have to read the end of the sentence, it jarred me away from the name and I don't want it to jar you too)

Elmer Fudd.

Of course "Elma" and "Elmer" aren't pronounced identically in most languages, or in a lot of dialects of English, so hopefully I'll be able to forget it and go back to hero-worshipping this name.
― Anonymous User  3/9/2016
The name is also used in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland.
jegharenbumsipanden  3/22/2016
The name Elma was given to 30 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
My mother bears this name. She was told by her mother it was derived from Queen Elizabeth (El) & Queen Mary (Ma) of Britain = Elma. I have also seen this explanation other places on the web. [noted -ed]
gohEgdeh  1/27/2018

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