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Pronounced Eh-loh-ee-sah. A nickname in Spanish is Elo.
― Anonymous User  7/21/2008
I love Eloise, but I think I love this name even more. Since I'm Italian, I'm seriously considering this name.
Dawson  12/18/2010
Romance novelist Eloisa James. Her real name is Mary Bly. She writes historical romances.
― Anonymous User  2/27/2012
Eloisa also means "lively" in Finnish.
Erme Ioainna  3/6/2013
Eloisa and Eloise are both stunning. They're stylish and feminine, and you can use super cute nicknames, including Elle, Ella, Ellie, Lola, Lula and Lulu.
Paula Puddephatt  5/21/2017

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