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My name is Elspeth and my parents taught me to pronounce it: El-speth, not Els-peth.
MorganBonny  10/6/2008
It is pronounced els-peth not els-beth.
littlemissebony  7/22/2012
I am baffled that this website gives the pronunciation of this name as ELS-peth. When I check other baby name websites, the pronunciation is frequently given as EL-speth. I have always said it this way, never ELS-peth, which I think sounds weird, IMO.
Gives it as EHL-spehth;

And "the UK's most popular baby names website" also gives it as EL-speth.

If I am wrong, I welcome correcting from someone who is actually from Scotland or England and who has known someone to pronounce it as ELS-peth. Otherwise, I think it is safe to say this website has the pronunciation incorrect *or* that there are two valid pronunciations for this name, one of which is currently not being included and should be. I would be curious to know which is most common.
la-petite-rachel  6/21/2013

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