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This spelling hurts my eyes.
Luvbug86  9/22/2018
This name is listed as a rare variant of Elisabeth/Elizabeth. It isn't a rare variant, it is a misspelling, invented by someone who wanted to be different. It has no history of use. (I'm aware that it has been bestowed a few times on unfortunate children who then have to spend the rest of their lives spelling it out and repeating that, yes, that really is supposed to say Elizabeth).
moomin22  8/8/2016
Although I like Elizabeth a lot better... this name is a pretty modern and cute spelling. However Alyzabeth sounds terrible.
SH2237  12/28/2014
What a ghetto and trashy variant of the wonderful "Elizabeth". This spelling is over-the-top. Alyzabeth is HORRID.
MeinNameIstMelissa  6/29/2013
Looks so stupid written... Yet another "creative" spelling that ruined one of the most classic and beautiful names there is.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
Well, since Ely is already a variant of Eli, then Elyzabeth is an entirely plausible variant of Elizabeth. I'm really starting to like Elyzabeth and its uniqueness.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2009
I love this spelling. Alyzabeth is still my favorite but this is very nice too.
― Anonymous User  3/29/2009
Pronounced e-lie-za-beth.
redsfan805  11/14/2008
Oh my goodness. I am so glad my parents went with the regular spelling. This is so wrong.
― Anonymous User  9/28/2008
I can just imagine this being said aloud: "Hmm. Ellllizaaabeth. Elizabeth! I see." Ugh. One of the most ridiculous word variations on the site.
jolidanstitre  5/16/2008
I prefer it spelled Alyzabeth.
Naphtahalia  11/5/2007
No, it's not a misspelling of the name. I think it's archaic, rather. Elizabeth of York's signature reads "Elyzabeth the Quene".
stickyrice  10/27/2007
Elizabeth of York's spelled her name 'Elyzabeth'.

She was a daughter of the House of York (a branch of the House of Platagenet) and Queen consort of Henry VII of England. She was the Mother of Henry VIII (House of Tudor) -- their marriage brought a stop to the War of the Roses. She was the daughter of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville. Her grand-daughter, Elizabeth I Tudor was named after her.
stickyrice  10/27/2007
This spelling is not pretty. Elizabeth is more correct and is prettier.
CharlieRob  5/6/2007
I hate this spelling of Elizabeth! It's incorrect, trashy, ugly, and a non-Biblical spelling of a very beautiful, pretty name.
AndrewJKD  11/3/2005
I agree. Elizabeth is a beautiful name (of course, it's my own). Don't ruin it by misspelling it.
washingmachine29  1/29/2006

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