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Couldn't this also mean "son of Emer"? I kind of doubt it, but it's just a theory.
echo_of_the_past  9/27/2005
My name is Emerson, and I have done some other research on the history of the name. Some legends about the wizard Merlin (also spelled Merlyn, Merlynth, etc) have suggested that his original name was Emerys. So a variant of the origin of Emerson could be 'Emerys' son'. Cool, huh? (The author T. A. Barron first lead me to this discovery by his Merlyn character having the name Emerys.)
Merlyn  1/14/2007
All of you saying it's a boys name because it's son of Emery. First of all, that's an outdated archaic way of making names -irrelevant in this day and age when people can name their child Hashtag.

Second, if you must insist on that proving it's a boys name, please be aware that that's only in the Germanic use of the name:

English it means simply Brave/Powerful
American use meaning Brave/Powerful
German use meaning Son of Emery, Brave and Power

Please don't discourage people from naming their child a certain name because you staunchly believe it MUST be for a boy or girl. We live in a world where we're moving away from a baby being ONLY a boy OR a girl.
Names are as fluid as sexuality. And Americans don't live in Germany so...
― Anonymous User  6/30/2014
As with any other name ending in "son" they usually mean "son of Emery" or "son of Maude" (Madison). So technically the name means what Wmwry means which is brace and industrious! Maude means "battle brave." So get past the son part because the name is reference to the name in the meaning. Emerson=Emery, Madison=Maude, Addison=Adam. Look at what those names mean and you'll know the true meaning of these "son" names.
LV51sfan91  10/15/2016

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