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To me, Amelia was always pronounced A-meel-ia(ya), however, when I look at this name, it's not just a version of Amelia spelled with an E, but pronounced, Emil-ee-uh (Emil-leah, sayed both Laya and Leah!) a name created by Emily and Leah together, and this pronunciation beats the overly popular Amelia, any day!
Starla-Marie_1993  8/8/2006
My friend's name is Emilia, and new teachers always call her "Emma-leah" or "Emily-ah," and it drives her crazy.
Emmasj  11/13/2006
Emilia is also the Czech form. Name Day: 24th November.

A famous bearer is Slovak actress Emília Vašáryová, she was born at 18 May 1942, Horná Stubná, Czechoslovakia.
Karcoolka  8/21/2007
Emília is also the Portuguese form. [noted -ed]
samarinezz  5/3/2008
Emília is the Hungarian form of Emilia.
sybilcrawley  9/6/2014
Hungarian pronunciation: E-mee-li-aw. [noted -ed]
HerculePoirot  7/18/2016

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