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I've also seen this listed as a girl's name.
CelticK  8/1/2005
Emlyn Hughes wasn't a girl.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2005
Emlyn is also sometimes used as a girl's name.
lucky3teen  11/12/2005
I've never seen this as a girl's name and to be honest I think it works on a boy much better. It's a really nice name; handsome and nice-sounding though very Welsh.
scribhneoir  3/14/2006
It seems very feminine to me, Emlin seems more masculine.
dreadfulxsorry  1/31/2007
Girl? No girl in Wales would ever dream to be called Emlyn. My cousin is called Emlyn and it suits him.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2007
I actually know a woman named Emlyn. I was quite surprised to discover it's a masculine name.
telfalathiel  9/24/2009
I love the name Emlyn (for a boy of course) but it has been ruined by the horrible ultra popular name Emily. Sad. And Emlyn on a girl looks like someone was obsessed with the name Emily but said "hey lets make her different and call her Emlyn yay." That's stupid.
italiannames  10/24/2009
A known bearer of this name was Emlyn Williams (1905-1987), a Welsh dramatist and actor.
Lucille  11/25/2014
My name is Emlyn, I'm female, and in many of my books the name means "waterfall".
Emlynofcali  8/22/2015
My name is Emlyn and I'm a female. And no, my parents didn't pick it because they liked the name "Emily" and wanted to be different. I, for one, loathe the name Emily, because people constantly misread or mishear my name and assume it's Emily. Yuck. A little clarification on male vs female: I think that while it originated as a male's name and is still most commonly a male's name in the UK, it seems to be more commonly a female's name in the US. Not sure why exactly that happened, probably because it was not as popular to begin with so people who heard it assumed female thanks to names like Emily. I think Emlyn works fine for either sex, personally.
Clevernamehere  3/16/2016

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