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I've only heard this pronounced Emma-lien.
xKatiex  11/25/2006
Emma-lien is one way of saying it but it is truly emma-leen. I think Emmeline is a much better spelling, and it the medieval form of Emma.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2007
I really like this name - Emmeline and Emmaline. I think that, truly, the name can be pronounced Emma-LEEN, Emma-LINE, and Emma-LYNN, and be accepted. There's not one specific way. Remember Emmeline Pankhurst? Her name was pronounced Emma-LINE.
Sarah Elizabeth  2/25/2007
I think this name is spelled Emma-line. I dislike the Emma-lynn pronunciation.
Emma McHnery  3/4/2008
There isn't just one right pronunciation of this name. Ever since it was used it has always been pronounced as either Emma-line, Emma-leen and Emma-lynn so you can just choose the pronunciation you prefer. I like Emma-line.
Lily8  8/18/2008
We named our daughter Emmalene because we loved Emmaline, but not with the "line" pronunciation. We didn't want to have to constantly explain to people that it was pronounced Emma-"leen", nor did we want our daughter to have to explain this. Rarely people have trouble with Emmalene and say Emma-"leany".
Fredinnh  9/12/2015

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