Names Related to Emmie

Names that are related to EMMIE:
AEMILIA   f   Ancient Roman
AEMILIANA   f   Ancient Roman
AEMILIANUS   m   Ancient Roman
AEMILIUS   m   Ancient Roman
AMÉLIA   f   Portuguese
AMELIA   f   English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, German, Ancient Germanic
AMÉLIE   f   French
AMELIE   f   German
AMILIA   f   English (Rare)
EEMELI   m   Finnish
EEMIL   m   Finnish
EM   f   English
EMA   f   Spanish, Portuguese, Slovene, Czech, Slovak, Croatian
EMALEE   f   English (Rare)
EMELIA   f   English
EMELIE   f   Swedish
EMELY   f   English (Modern)
EMIL   m   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Polish, Slovene, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, English
ÉMILE   m   French
EMILEE   f   English (Modern)
EMÍLIA   f   Portuguese, Slovak
EMILIA   f   Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English
EMILIAN   m   Romanian
EMILIANA   f   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
EMILIANO   m   Spanish, Italian
ÉMILIE   f   French
EMÍLIE   f   Czech
EMILIE   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
ÉMILIEN   m   French
ÉMILIENNE   f   French
EMĪLIJA   f   Latvian
EMILIJA   f   Lithuanian, Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian
EMILIO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
EMILIS   m   Lithuanian
EMILIYA   f   Bulgarian
EMILY   f   English
EMLYN   m   Welsh
EMMA   f   English, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, German, Ancient Germanic
EMMALYN   f   English (Modern)
EMMET   m   English
EMMETT   m   English
EMMIE   f   English
EMMY   f   English, Dutch
ERMA   f   English
IMA   f   Dutch, Ancient Germanic
IMKE   f   German
IMMA   f   Low German
IRMA   f   German, Hungarian, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Slovene, English, Ancient Germanic
IRMUSKA   f   Hungarian
MAKSIMILIAN   m   Russian
MAKSYMILIAN   m   Polish
MASSIMILIANO   m   Italian
MAX   m   German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch
MAXENE   f   English (Rare)
MAXIMILIÁN   m   Slovak
MAXIMILIAN   m   German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
MAXIMILIANA   f   Ancient Roman
MAXIMILIANE   f   German
MAXIMILIANO   m   Spanish, Portuguese
MAXIMILIANUS   m   Ancient Roman
MAXIMILIEN   m   French
MAXIMILLIAN   m   English
MAXINE   f   English
MAXMILIÁN   m   Czech
MIKSA   m   Hungarian
MILLY   f   Swedish, Norwegian, English
YEMELYAN   m   Russian