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I know it pronounced as EEN-a, my gran's name.
-- rainbow_Maya  1/9/2006
This is my name but it is pronounced E-na with a long e sound.
-- Anonymous User  11/10/2006
This is the name of a character in the video game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
-- lcgirl20  4/1/2008
Princess Victoria Eugénie of Battenberg, later Queen of Spain, was called Ena. Her full name was Victoria Eugénie Julia Ena.
-- Kate  6/13/2008
In the case of princess Victoria Eugénie Julia Ena, her middle name was apparently a misreading by the minister who baptized her of a handwritten note. The originally intended name was Eva!

Ena Sharples was a character in the TV soap opera "Coronation Street".
-- Caprice  8/30/2008
I've read that too, but the name was Eua (a Gaelic name), not Eva!
-- Kate  3/18/2009
There was a song Ena (performed by the band Haustor). I got my name because of the song.
-- Anonymous User  8/5/2009
Imagine if you said 'hi Ena.' Then people would be laughing like one.
-- Anonymous User  3/4/2010
Outside Ireland, this name is better known as a diminutive for girls' names ending in -ena or -ina, such as Helena, Georgina, Christina, Regina, Eugenia, etc.

A variant form is Ina.
-- JJSkeete  7/30/2010
"Short form of Helena or Eugenia, also used in Ireland as a variant of Ethne. In general use since the naming of Queen Victoria's grand-daughter, Princess Victoria Eugénie Julia Ena, always known as Princess Ena. She later became Queen of Spain. Now rarely found."
(Source: Dunkling, Leslie; Gosling, William (1983), 'The Facts on File Dictionary of First Names')
-- SeaHorse15  2/5/2013
Kinda cool! And a lot less common than the overused Emma. This would be a refreshing choice.
-- Anonymous User  2/26/2013

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