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Outside Ireland, this name is better known as a diminutive for girls' names ending in -ena or -ina, such as Helena, Georgina, Christina, Regina, Eugenia, etc.

A variant form is Ina.
JJSkeete  7/30/2010
"Short form of Helena or Eugenia, also used in Ireland as a variant of Ethne. In general use since the naming of Queen Victoria's grand-daughter, Princess Victoria Eugénie Julia Ena, always known as Princess Ena. She later became Queen of Spain. Now rarely found."
(Source: Dunkling, Leslie; Gosling, William (1983), 'The Facts on File Dictionary of First Names')
SeaHorse15  2/5/2013
■●■ Ena एना means-(ind.) in this manner, thus, then, at that time
# Ena / Enaa एना - black antelope
● Eni / Enee एनी- river, Gazelle (doe)
# Enakshi एनाक्षी -(f.) deer like eyed, beautiful eyed girl, girl having eyes like an
Antelope. It is made with joining of two words 'Ena'+'akshi'. Hereएना means female antelope+अक्षि means eye
Vishal Khatri  6/12/2017

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