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Outside Ireland, this name is better known as a diminutive for girls' names ending in -ena or -ina, such as Helena, Georgina, Christina, Regina, Eugenia, etc.

A variant form is Ina.
JJSkeete  7/30/2010
"Short form of Helena or Eugenia, also used in Ireland as a variant of Ethne. In general use since the naming of Queen Victoria's grand-daughter, Princess Victoria Eugénie Julia Ena, always known as Princess Ena. She later became Queen of Spain. Now rarely found."
(Source: Dunkling, Leslie; Gosling, William (1983), 'The Facts on File Dictionary of First Names')
SeaHorse15  2/5/2013
■●■ Ena एना means-(ind.) in this manner, thus, then, at that time
# Ena / Enaa एना - black antelope
● Eni / Enee एनी- river, Gazelle (doe)
# Enakshi एनाक्षी -(f.) deer like eyed, beautiful eyed girl, girl having eyes like an
Antelope. It is made with joining of two words 'Ena'+'akshi'. Hereएना means female antelope+अक्षि means eye
♡ Esha एषा -(f.) wish, this
# Ekashruti एकश्रुति -Vedic passage
● Ekamati एकमति -(adj.) unanimous, concentration of mind
# Eta/Etaa एता -(f.)hind (female deer)
# Etakshi एताक्षी -deer eyed, female or girl having beautiful eyes. This name is made by joining two words'Eta +Akshi'. Here एता means hind +अक्षि means eye
# Elika एलिका -small cardamom
# Elaa/Ela एला -sport, cardamom, pastime, merriness
# Ekina एकिना means-(adj.) simple, consisting of one
# Ekaja एकजा -(adj.) born or produced alone, single, alone of its kind,
# Ekoti एकोति -(adj.) tending to one single purpose, having one & same object of desire or aim
#Ekagni एकाग्नि -(adj.) keeping only one fire (m.) one & the same fire
# Ekokati एकोक्ति -single word or
Expression. It is made with joining of एक+उक्ति. Here ukti means word or expression
#Eshanika एषणिका -goldsmith's scale
# Ekahna एकाह्ना -(ind.) during one day
# Eshati एषति -(verb) attain, move, creep, glide, seek, search
# Eshani एषणी -iron or steel probe
# Ekadha एकधा -(ind.) at once, simply, singly, together
# Eshana एषणा -request, desire, solicitation, seeking with
#Edhasi एधसी means-prosperity, happiness. This is feminine form of 'Edhas'/(एधस् )
# Edhita एधिता -grown, filed up, enlarged
# Edha एधा -spread, prosper, rise, grow strong, become happy. This is feminine form of Sanskrit word [(एध)/एध्]
# Edhini एधिनी - (f.) earth
# Edhasa एधसा - hapiness, prosperity, fuel. This name is derived from Sanskrit word (एधस्)
# Ekavira एकवीरा- unique or pre-eminent heroine, highly brave [It was the name of daughter of lord Shiva. It is feminine form of एकवीर
$ Ekajata एकजटा- having a twisted lock of hair (as ascetics), it is the name of a godess. Here एक means one + जटा means twisted lock of hair
# Evayavati एवायावती- going quickly. It is feminine of एवायावत्
$ Ekeshvari एकेश्वरी- supreme goddess, supreme queen
Here एक means supreme, chief + ईश्वरी means queen, goddess
# Ekaa एका- unity, union, a name of godess Durga
$ Eti एति- arrival, approach
# Ekaparna एकपर्णा- 'living upon one leaf', Goddess Durga. Here एक means one + पर्णा means having leaf
$ Ekaparnika एकपर्णिका- 'living upon one leaf', Goddess Durga. Here एक means single + पर्णिका means leaf
# Ekapushpa एकपुष्पा- 'producing only one blossom', Name of a plant. Here एक means one + पुष्पा means blossom
$ Ekamayi एकमयी- uniform, consisting of one. It is feminine form of एकमय
# Ekamoola एकमूला- Common Flax, A medicinal plant known for psychedelic effects [Desmodium Gangeticum- Bot.]
$ Ekayashti एकयष्टि- ornament consisting of a single pearl. Here एक means a single + यष्टि means pearl ornament
# Ekayashtika एकयष्टिका- ornament consisting of a single pearl
$ Ekarajyi एकराज्ञी- absolute queen, the only queen. Here एक means only, absolute + राज्ञी means queen
# Ekavrata एकव्रता- obedient or devoted to only one person. It is feminine of एकव्रत
$ Ekashayini एकशायिनी- chaste lady (sleeping alone). Here एक means alone + शायिनी means sleeping lady
# Ekashringa एकशृङ्गा/एकशृंगा -unicorn, pre-eminent, having but one peak. It is feminine of एकशृङ्ग. Here शृङ्ग means peak, horn, eminent
$ Ekashrushti एकश्रुष्टि- obedient to one
Command. It is joining of एक+श्रुष्टि
# Ekastha एकस्था- standing together, conjoined. Here एक means one + स्था means standing
$ Ekakshara एकाक्षरा- the sole imperishable thing, a single syllable. It is feminine of एकाक्षर. Here एक means one +अक्षर means imperishable, syllable
# Ekagryaa एकाग्र्या- closely attention
$ Ekanjali एकाञ्जलि/एकांजलि- one handful. Here एक means one +अञ्जलि means handful
# Ekanansha एकानंशा- "the single portionless one", Durga, name of the new moon
$ Ekavali एकावली- a single row, single string of pearls or beads or flowers. Here एक means single + अवली/अवलि means row, string of pearls, flowers
# Ekashtaka एकाष्टका- 8th day after full moon (esp. Of month माघ)
$ Ekashti एकाष्टी- a pod or seed of cotton
# Ekanibha एकनिभा- single, uniform. It is feminine of एकनिभ
$ Ejita एजिता- to shine
# Enika एणिका / एनिका- a female antelope. In ancient time it was the name of a woman
$ Etaa एता -a hind
# Etavaddha एतावद्धा- so many fold
# Eraka एरका- a kind of grass of emollient and diluent properties
$ Eraki एरकी- a species of plants
# Eraa एरा- an ewe
$ Edaka एडका- an ewe
♥ Evaya एवया- going quickly
$ Eshti एष्टि- wish, desire,"seeking to go towards"
# Ehaa एहा- desirous. It is feminine of एह
■ Elavali एलावली- a species of plant.
Vishal Khatri  6/12/2017

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