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Famous bearer is singer Enya. I think this is the most unique and unusual name. It sounds exotic and different. I like it a lot!
Tbird  7/3/2005
I think she's literally the only person in the world with this name.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2006
A charming name, an English phonetic spelling from the Irish Gaelic "Eithne", meaning "kernel". Enya, the lady of new-age music, is really Eithne ní Bhraonáin. Personally, I think she should have kept the original spelling. We English speakers learned to say "Schwartzenegger", didn't we.
gaelruadh19  7/16/2005
We named our baby girl Enya. Not after the singer. We just love this name! It is so beautiful and special. It suits her perfectly.
erdbeere  9/15/2007
This is such an Irish name, too, and I really like it. I might consider naming a daughter of mine Enya, but I'd be afraid that some of the more ignorant children would tease her about her name. But still.
Penneyperson  11/15/2007
Ooh! This is such a beatiful, unique name! I would seriously considering naming one of my daughters this. She would remind me of all the enchanting songs Enya sings whenever I see her. Hopefully, others would as well, instead of teasing her. My senses tingle everytime I hear this name.
Carriebear_Nocare  1/22/2008
This is such a pretty name.
Chrila96  12/22/2010
The name means the beginning, it is the first spark of creation, Enya is birth, beginning, seed, start, ignition, the origin of life.
Julesypie  5/21/2016

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