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Pronounced eh-o-wen.
-- eowyn  5/2/2005
That's pretty close, but I heard "AY-oh-win". I could be wrong, though.
-- gaelruadh19  5/5/2005
My name is Eowyn, I pronounce it AY-o-Win.
-- endoras  5/5/2005
Tolkien actually denoted how the name should be pronounced. EO like in the name Theobald, Y like U in French or Ü in German, thus: EE-eh-wuyn.
-- Elfstone  6/6/2005
My parents told me that when they were naming me, they researched to see if Éowyn was pronounced AY-oh-wihn, or EE-oh-wihn. They decided it was the former, but that doesn't mean they were right. I was always under the impression that Tolkien wanted for "e" to be pronounced "ay" but I could be mistaken. I know my name for one is pronounced "AY-oh-win"!
-- Eowyn_horselover  7/23/2005
It is pronounced A-O-WIN.
-- lotrgirl  3/1/2006
This name is correctly pronounced AY-oh-win.
-- VictoriaCalledTori  6/20/2007

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