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The name Eren was used by tribal Turkish nomads and it has lots of different meanings:
1. According to Divan-ı Lugatit-Turk (the first Turkish dictionary which was written by Mahmud of Kashgar) in the 12th century and its meaning was "men" and it comes from the word "er" which means "man"
2. In the 13th or 14th century Eren's were the turkomans (the name used for muslim Oghuz Turks) who were trying to spread the Islamic faith to the world
The meaning of the word "saint" isn't the name "Eren", its meaning is "aziz" in Turkish. Some people say that it is too feminine but its meaning is masculine.
erendere  7/15/2011
The meaning of this name would be illogical in Turkish. Turkish people are Muslim, not Christian. Muslims do not believe in saints.
bananarama  4/9/2010
Although the majority of Turkish people are Muslim, there is a minority of Christians in the country and history of the faith's existence in the area. Also, the Islamic term "wali" is roughly translated as "saint" into English, which could be the case here.
KatarinaSu  12/20/2010

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