Names Related to Erzsébet

Names that are related to ERZSÉBET:
ALŽBĚTA   f   Czech
ALŽBETA   f   Slovak
ANELIE   f   German
ANNABELLA   f   Italian, English (Modern)
ANNABELLE   f   English, French
ANNABETH   f   English (Rare)
ANNA-LIISA   f   Finnish
ANNALISA   f   Italian
ANNALISE   f   English (Modern)
ANNELIE   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
ANNELIES   f   German, Dutch
ANNELIESE   f   German, Dutch
ANNELISE   f   Danish
BABETTE   f   French
BEILEAG   f   Scottish
BELINHA   f   Portuguese
BELLA   f   English
BELLE   f   English
BESS   f   English
BESSIE   f   English
BET   f   Frisian, Limburgish
BETH   f   English
BETHAN   f   Welsh
BETJE   f   Dutch, Limburgish
BETSY   f   English
BETTE   f   English
BETTIE   f   English
BETTINA (1)   f   German
BETTY   f   English
BETTYE   f   English
BÖZSI   f   Hungarian
BUFFY   f   English
CARLISA   f   English (Rare)
EALASAID   f   Scottish
EALISAID   f   Manx
EILÍS   f   Irish
EILISH   f   Irish
ELI (3)   f   Norwegian, Danish
ELIÁN   m   Various
ELIAN   m & f   Dutch
ELIISA   f   Finnish
ELIISABET   f   Estonian
ELIKAPEKA   f   Hawaiian
ELISA   f   German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, English
ELISABED   f   Georgian
ELÍSABET   f   Icelandic
ELISABET   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Biblical Greek
ELISABETA   f   Romanian
ELISABETE   f   Portuguese
ÉLISABETH   f   French
ELISABETH   f   German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, Biblical, Biblical Latin
ELISABETI   f   Old Church Slavic
ELISABETTA   f   Italian
ELISAVET   f   Greek
ELISAVETA   f   Bulgarian, Macedonian
ÉLISE   f   French
ELISE   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, English
ELISHEBA   f   Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
ELISHEVA   f   Hebrew
ELIŠKA   f   Czech, Slovak
ELISO   f   Georgian
ELISSA (2)   f   English
ELIXABETE   f   Basque
ELIZA   f   English, Polish
ELIZABETA   f   Slovene, Croatian
ELIZABETH   f   English, Biblical
ELIZAVETA   f   Russian
ELLI (1)   f   German
ELLY   f   English, Dutch
ELS   f   Dutch
ELSA   f   English, German, Swedish, Finnish, Italian
ELSABETH   f   English (Rare)
ELSE   f   Danish, Norwegian, German, Dutch
ELSIE   f   English
ELSJE   f   Dutch
ELSPET   f   Scottish
ELSPETH   f   Scottish
ELYSE   f   English
ELYZABETH   f   English (Rare)
ELŽBIETA   f   Lithuanian
ELŻBIETA   f   Polish
ELZĖ   f   Lithuanian
ERZSÉBET   f   Hungarian
ERZSI   f   Hungarian
IBB   f   Medieval English
IBBIE   f   English
ILSA   f   German
ILSE   f   German, Dutch
ISA (2)   f   German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish
ISABÈL   f   Occitan
ISABEL   f   Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German
ISABELA   f   Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian
ISABELL   f   German
ISABELLA   f   Italian, German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Romanian
ISABELLE   f   French, English, German, Dutch
ISBEL   f   English (Rare)
ISEABAIL   f   Scottish
ISEBELLA   f   English (Rare)
ISHBEL   f   Scottish
ISIBÉAL   f   Irish
ISOBEL   f   Scottish
ISSY   m & f   English
IZABELA   f   Polish, Czech
IZABELLA   f   Hungarian, Polish
IZABELLE   f   English (Modern)
IZZY   m & f   English
JELISAVETA   f   Serbian
JOBETH   f   English (Rare)
LEANNA   f   English
LEESA   f   English
LIANA   f   Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, English
LIBBIE   f   English
LIBBY   f   English
LIDDY   f   English
LIES   f   German, Dutch
LIESA   f   German
LIESBETH   f   Dutch
LIESE   f   German, Dutch
LIESEL   f   German
LIESELOTTE   f   German
LIESJE   f   Dutch
LIESL   f   German
LIISA   f   Finnish, Estonian
LIISI   f   Finnish
LIISU   f   Estonian
LIJSBETH   f   Dutch
LILEAS   f   Scottish
LILI   f   German, French, Hungarian
LÍLIAN   f   Portuguese (Brazilian)
LILIAN   f   English, French
LILIÁNA   f   Hungarian
LILIANA   f   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, English
LILIANE   f   French
LILIANNE   f   French (Rare)
LILIAS   f   Scottish
LILIBET   f   English
LILIBETH   f   English
LILIJANA   f   Slovene
LILJANA   f   Macedonian
LILLI   f   German, Finnish
LILLIA   f   English
LILLIAN   f   English
LILLIANA   f   English (Modern)
LILLIAS   f   Scottish
LILLY   f   English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
LILO   f   German
LILOU   f   French
LILYANA   f   Bulgarian
LIS   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
LISA   f   English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian
LISANNE   f   Dutch
LISBET   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
LISBETH   f   German
LISE   f   French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English
LISELOT   f   Dutch
LISELOTTE   f   German, Danish
LISETTE   f   French, English
LIZ   f   English
LIZA   f   English, Russian, Hungarian
LIZAVETA   f   Russian
LIZBETH   f   English
LIZETTE   f   English
LIZZIE   f   English
LIZZY   f   English
LOTTE   f   German, Dutch, Danish
LYS   f   Frisian
LYSANNE   f   Dutch
LYSETTE   f   English (Rare)
MARIABELLA   f   English (Rare)
MARIBEL   f   Spanish
MARLIES   f   German, Dutch
MARLIS   f   German
MARYBETH   f   English
SABELA   f   Galician
SABELLA   f   English (Rare)
SIBÉAL   f   Irish
ŠPELA   f   Slovene
TETTY   f   English (Archaic)
VETA   f   Macedonian
YELIZAVETA   f   Russian
YELYZAVETA   f   Ukrainian
YSABEL   f   Spanish (Archaic)
ZABEL   f   Armenian
ZSÓKA   f   Hungarian