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Of interest: According to the commentaries on Hebrew scripture, Esau is considered a significant character in world history and the forefather of the Roman Empire.
blakewhigham4762  11/20/2016
The name Esau was given to 47 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/20/2013
I'm Spanish and in our Bible the Spanish variation of Esau is Esaú with accent on the "u". I know this because my name is indeed Esaú.
Suiko  12/9/2011
There are a couple famous tongue-twisters about Esau, all with pretty much the same theme:

I saw Esau
Sitting on a seesaw.
I saw Esau;
He saw me.

"I saw Esau" was also a Top 100 song for The Ames Brothers in 1956. It's based off the tongue-twister, and Esau ends up being sawed off the seesaw for sitting there with the singer's girlfriend.
humblebee  12/6/2011
The name "Esau" also means "first son" in Mexican tradition.
esau31  4/15/2010
I love this name, but I wouldn't name my children this name.
coolcatevan9  11/3/2009
This is a pretty interesting Biblical name, one of the many names from the Bible which is never used anymore. The ultra-Orthodox defamation of the character of Esau has always made me very uncomfortable, since, if you just read the straight text and not the later extra-Biblical books of commentary and imagined stories, Esau is at worst impulsive and uncouth. He's nowhere near the arch-villain and anti-Semite he later turned into in apocryphal writings. It's probably too much to hope for, though, that the names of wrongly villified characters in the Bible be reclaimed by more than a few people.
Anyechka  9/8/2009
This name is strange. Who wants to have a name meaning "hairy"?
bananarama  8/6/2008
I wouldn't name my son Esau. In the bible, Jacob was loved by God more than Esau. Jacob also stole the birthright.
7up  1/28/2007
Yes, that is true. But remember God loved him more for his heart. So personally I think that not naming your son Esau because of the outcome of Esau from the bible would be a waste. Since Esau is such a good name. Besides, in the end Esau and Jacob made it right with each other. And Esau was very blessed.
Cyneburga  8/8/2007

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