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A name straight out of a fairy tale - I think it is beautiful. I prefer the spelling Esmerelda, however.
― Anonymous User  8/9/2006
Esmeralda was the tragic heroine of Victor Hugo's novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Shasta  9/24/2006
I just watched "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" for the first time since I was about 6 and I LOVE this name. I think it sounds like the name of a sweet, mysterious, exotic and kind and beautiful girl, just like Esmaralda in the movie. I would definitely consider this as a name for a future daughters, if not as a first name I would want this as a middle name. There are also loads of nicknames that someone with this name could use, such as Esme, Emma, Em etc. I love this name so much! Xox.
Grace_Scarlette  5/22/2012

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