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Evangeline can be pronounced Evange-LEEN, Evange-LINE, or Evange-LYNN.
lkziemke  2/26/2006
The French would probably say "ev-ANZH-el-LEEN".

This is a lovely name, but it remins me of the Evangelical Church, which I think is terribly misnamed, seeing that "evangelic" means roughly "good messenger"; what that carzy bunch seems to preach is fire and brimstone - "good messenger"? Not a chance. As a gay male, I have little trust and much dislike of these religious psychopaths.
gaelruadh19  1/29/2007
I pronounce Evangeline as ee-VAN-jah-leen.
Katya  3/14/2011
In Louisiana, where this name is used as a traditional Cajun name, the name is pronounced with the last syllable rhyming with "bin": eh-VAN-jeh-lin. Louisiana has an Evangeline Parish, pronounced that way, and there are several other Louisiana place-names and landmarks with that pronunciation. I met two women with the name Evangeline while I lived in Louisiana, and both of them pronounced the last syllable as -lin.
piquantmolly  11/6/2013
I pronounce this name i-vahn-ja-LEEN.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2015

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