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A beautiful name, and to all the people who are trashing the Eve from the bible, Adam is a very popular name and he ate the fruit too, knowing what would happen. Go check his page out. That being said I'm not religious, (it's fine if you are, I don't care), and I'm going to use this name for my daughter because it's pretty and I like the meaning.
Songofecho  7/4/2014
Thank you for stating that the origin of the name is "potentially" negative. However, there are some religious faiths that view Eve's actions positively, and even with honor. For example, Latter-day Saints.
Piqueakh  4/4/2014
Regarding the origin of the name, which far pre-dates Christianity, it comes from the time when the Hebrews had more than one God, namely a Mother and a Father: Asherah and El. Or to get more accurate, Rabat Chawat Elat and El, parents to the Elohim (other gods). One of Asherah’s symbols was the snake and before the Canaanite religion changed to only have El, Asherah was the quintessential image for women to aspire to. "Eve" is a byname of Asherah, and make what you will of a snake tricking Eve into eating an apple.
GopherTuna  3/30/2014
The name Eve appears to be derived from "Kheba", the name of the mother goddess of the Hurrians who was venerated all over the Middle East as "the mother of us all".

It is also one of the names of Asherah, a Semitic mother-godess who was called "the queen of heaven" and worshiped in Israel/Judah as the consort of El/Yahweh(God).

I love the fact that the name Eve has such an ancient religious history and is a part of pagan tradition, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A powerful and spiritual name. Maybe a little too much for some people to handle.
SandSea  2/3/2010
Eve was not the first woman created. Chapter 1 of Genesis (The Creation of Heaven and Earth) states that God created animals then man and woman. However, in Chapter 2 of Genesis (The Garden of Eden), the Bible states again the creation of man and woman. Though this time, man is created first, animals second, and woman later.
― Anonymous User  5/14/2007
Contrary to the information given in the name's entry, Eve's giving Adam the fruit was not the reason they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Has no bearing on the name really, but it bugged me.
Annabeau  2/14/2007
Eve can also be short for Evangeline.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006

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