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Hi, I'm an Evelina as well. It was passed down from a great great grandmother, pronounced the same, spelled a bit different. I have never known the origin of the name or the grandmother, being only 4 months old when she passed. I've a very old black and white photo of a bald baby sitting in the lap of a very stern faced elderly lady. I don't know much of her, she was apparently as stern as she appears in the photo. When I was little our older neighbor next door used to sing some words to a song about Evelina, my sweet Evelina. That was my first knowledge of there being other Evelinas. I now own a copy of the book Evelina by Frances Burney. I have yet to meet another Evelina!
― Anonymous User  3/7/2017
The meaning of this name, according to books I've read in Bulgarian, is the following: "life, joy of life, full of life".
egalova  3/9/2005

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