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My daughter's name is Audrey Eveline. We pronounce it Ev-uh-LINE. "Ev" like the word "ever" and "line" like 'stand in line'. We absolutely loved the name. Originally it was going to be Evaline but she was born on Christmas Eve so we had to change it to Eveline to honor her special birthday. I constantly have to tell people that it's not pronounced "Evelyn" but I don't care. We adore her name and that is how we've chosen to pronounce it. I've heard that it's meaning is everything from light, to little bird, to wished for or longed for child. She is all those things so any of those meanings is fine with me.
Amanda416  5/26/2015
Eveline is also frequently used in The Netherlands, where it can be pronounced in *two* ways. In the north of the country, it is usually pronounced as: ay-və-LEE-nə

In the south of the country, it is usually pronounced as: ay-və-LEEN. [noted -ed]
Lucille  5/28/2010
There are very many ways to pronounce this

I like all oh them and this is one of my favorite names ever. I love it because it is super uncommon and beautiful. I also like it because it is just so pretty! I love French names too.
italiannames  9/11/2009

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