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Pronounced YOU-in.
SkywalkerFan  5/2/2005
Ewan (Gaelic for John and other variants Ian, Evan etc) is pronounced Ewe-an. The name means young warror.
spunklemunk  5/28/2005
My good friend has this name, and his father was born and raised in Scotland, so I'm pretty sure the pronunciation is right -- we pronounce his name "YOO-in". Kinda like "eww" as in the expression of disgust with an "in" as in "in we go" at the end.
Oasiris  1/11/2015
I always thought this name was pronounced ə-wen (ə like a rhymes with hay). I'm not sure I like it now that I know it's pronounced you-in.
queenhelen8797  5/3/2016
Its pronounced You-Win.
TheRealEwan  10/24/2016

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