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Fanny J. Crosby was a prolific hymn writer of the 1800's.
-- breakofday  12/29/2005
Let's not all forget "Sweet Fanny Adams". A young girl who was brutally murdered in 1867. People have used this expression to the present day.
-- rosco kid  5/8/2006
"Fanny and Alexander" is a famous Ingmar Bergman film, won Oscars.
-- Anonymous User  11/15/2006
In "Mansfield Park," by Jane Austen, the heroine's name is Fanny Price. Good book, terrible name. Poor girl.
-- foolsinloveXx  1/1/2007
Fanny Dashwood is the selfish half-sister-in-law of Elinor and Marianne in Jane Austen's -Sense and Sensibility-. Miss Austen also used this name for both the heroine and her mother in -Mansfield Park-. (I believe Jane Austen had a niece with this name.)
-- Eruanna_Meldiriel  4/9/2008
Fanny Burney great English novelist.
-- Anonymous User  3/8/2010
Fanny Mendelsohn the sister of the great German composer Felix Mendelsohn but also a great musician in her own right.
-- Anonymous User  3/8/2010
Francesca Klingenschoen, referred to as 'Aunt Fanny', from the Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun.
-- Anonymous User  2/4/2011
Fanny Ardant is a French actress.
-- Kosta  1/11/2012
There is an old Irish air called Fanny Power, named after a woman who's first name was Fanny and surname was Power. At the time the word Fanny wasn't used as it is now, but it is still kind of funny.
-- Anonymous User  3/14/2012
Fanny Fulbright (a.k.a Numbuh 86) is a fictional character in Codename: Kids Next Door.
-- InazumaElevenFangirl  5/4/2014
Famous bearers: Fanny, main female character of Marcel Pagnol's 1932 "Trilogie Marseillaise". And Fanny Ardant, French actress born in 1949.
-- Valmont  10/20/2014
In Henry James's novel The Golden Bowl, there is a character named Fanny Assingham. (No kidding!)
-- Kosta  1/22/2015

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