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Faron Young was an American country music singer.
kirluci  8/20/2008
No sir, this doesn't look like the name of my favorite character (Pharaun) from one of my favorite book series (War of the Spider Queen), not at ALL. *sarcasm*

So yeah. >.> Though in my head I pronounce Pharaun like 'fa-ROWN' and Faron like Aaron with an 'f' in front of it. So, not exactly the same, but it's the closest I've gotten.
Diest  2/13/2011
I know a girl named Faron in college. She was the only Faron I knew until a few years ago when I encountered about three in one elementary school--all girls, too. Faron's nickname would sometimes be Faronheit and other silly monikers similar to that.
Book_Reader22  12/7/2011
'Faron' is beautiful! So soft and gentle. I've met one 'Faron,' a baby and I imagine she is lovely as an adult. How can you be anything but lovely with a name that conjures up a gentle breeze rustling high grass in the country? That's my impression of the name.
Bluefield  11/20/2013
In the comic strip Peanuts, the character Freida has a cat named Faron.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2014

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