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My name is Maria Fatima. Fatima in Latin America, Mediterranean countries and Poland is known for being a Christian Catholic name. Someone here said it was of a "muslim princess", I would rather say it belonged to a converted Christian woman of Arabic origin who was very loved in a little town in Portugal that later would be called "Fatima", and it is the same town where our Lady Mary appeared to three little children. I was baptised "Maria de Fatima" (Mary from Fatima). And no one has ever called me "fat" for my name, but some ignorants think that I'm a muslim, even though they see I'm also called Maria. I'm proud to carry this name in honour of my Lady.
MariaFatima  4/30/2014
Fatima did spread to Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries through Islamic influence, but it originally came from Arabia. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)'s daughter's name was Fatima and she was around AD 600. Therefore, the true origins of Fatima is Arabic but it is certainly of Portuguese usage.
Shahzadi  8/28/2010
There was a Fatimid dynasty so called because they claimed they were descended from the Prophet's daughter Fatima. Definitely Arabic, the only reason the Portuguese use the name was because they were ruled for hundreds of years by the Muslims. The Fatimids were rulers of Egypt.
Anton  3/11/2010
It's actually of Arabic origin! And pronounced FAH-TIM-AH.
minikupcake  12/6/2006
Fatima in Portugal is the site of Mary's famous apparitions to three shepherd children.
prisca  7/27/2006

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