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Pretty and unique, alongside Flora.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2017
I find it interesting how English culture/speakers tend to hate words-as-names or something similar. So many other cultures and languages name people something in which the meaning is obvious.

I digress. I view Fauna on the same level as Flora. I like the names, though 'tis true that naming twins Flora and Fauna does seem a taaaaad overboard, though could work in stories or the likes.

I don't see its similarity to "fawn" being a bad thing- fawns are cute, aren't they?
Alareshu  7/2/2016
Flora and Fauna are the conjoined twins in the movie The Addams Family!
queen_vic  10/10/2015
I like this name a lot. It is a lot less common than Flora, and personally I find it difficult to understand why it hasn't skyrocketed upward on the charts, like Ava or Madison, because it is so unique and beautiful. It is one of those names that, upon hearing it, you instantly assume that the bearer will be pretty.
StarMoon  1/22/2013
I don't like it. It seems to nature-centric for me. Plus, I actually DID meet a pair of twins called Flora and Fauna, poor things. And they had a brother called Bambi and a sister Nightinggale. I can't imagine what was going on in their parents' heads.
Black_X  7/18/2011
I really like this name for whatever reason. It sounds a bit ditzy, but that's okay with me.
Skulky  4/21/2010
Hmm, I happen to find this name very pretty.
italiannames  11/15/2009
I can't believe I used to like this name. It sounds stupid, frilly, and like "fawn". And naming twins Flora and Fauna is so ghastly and hideous it's not even funny.
bananarama  7/28/2009
Aww, I think this name is so cute and nice, even if they were at/near an old age, this would still sound good. I think of little fawns and deer and mice when I hear this cute name.
missBridget  8/1/2008
Sounds quite weird because of the ''flora and Fauna'' thing. Could lead to some jokes about animals, and this rhymes with 'sauna'. I hope no one has had daughters, especially twins, named Flora and Fauna!
slight night shiver  4/22/2008
Fauna was in fact a Roman Goddess of earth, forests and wildlife.
audreyhubley  8/29/2006
This is a common English term used to refer to the native wildlife.
SerasVictoria  7/21/2006
Fauna is one of three benevolent fairies in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty." She's voiced by Barbara Jo Allen.
breakofday  12/29/2005

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