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I think this is the name of Ravenclaw's head of house and Charms teacher in Hogwarts: Felice Flitwick.
Kaylee_21  9/30/2015
Felice Peretti di Montalto was the birthname of Pope Sixtus V (Pontificate between 1585-1590).
CarolinW  6/11/2012
As already mentioned, Felice was sometimes used as a feminine name in German-speaking countries (and is slowly being rediscovered at present).
One more or less well-known bearer was Kafka's fiancée, Felice Bauer.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2010
Felice Schragenheim was a Jewish woman forced to go underground in Berlin during WW2. If you want to learn more about her tragic but fascinating life read the book "Aimee & Jaguar" by Erica Fischer or watch the movie.
Natima  3/10/2006

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