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Also used as a female name in Italy. An example is Felice della Rovere, illegitimate daughter of Pope Julius II (c. 1483).
SSF  11/19/2010
I second SSF's comment about Felice being also used as a feminine name in Italy. While I was compiling data from civil registration records from the province of Bergamo in 1899, I noticed that, although used in small numbers, Felice is (sort of) equally used on both genders.
The adjective 'Felice' is derived from Latin 'fēlīcem,' the accusative of 'fēlīx' and that accusative term has both a masculine and feminine gender, so it does make sense that Felice is used on both genders, much like how Celeste came to be used on both genders.

Nowadays, it's almost always used for boys (2,172 boys from 1999-2015 according to ISTAT) but there were around 12-14 girls born with that name over the same time period.
m4yb3_daijirou  10/19/2017
In Sweden Felice is used as a female name, as a variant of Felicia.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2007

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