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Derived from the Latin name "Firminus" meaning "(son)-of Firmus". Firmus meant firm, strong. Firminus (nowadays Fermín) was the name of the first Christian bishop of Pamplona, who died beheaded at the age of 31 (year 303 AD).

San Fermín is the co-patron saint of Navarra, with San Francisco Javier. San Fermín festivities, also known as 'Sanfermines', extend from the 6th to the 14th of July and are internationally renowned, every year attracting tourists from all around the world.
Airienn  4/5/2009
Is written Fermín, with an acute accent, and pet forms of the name are "Fermintxo" or simply "Mintxo" (of Basque and Navarre usage).

Is more common in the northern part of Spain than in the south, specifically in the Basque Country and Navarre autonomic communities, as its origins lay in Pamplona. [noted -ed]
Airienn  4/5/2009

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