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This name means "Little Flame". It was used in Italian Renaissance literature to denote a woman with a warm, passionate, or "sparkling", nature.
hillaryrose7  1/3/2017
Both Dante Alighieri and Giovanni Boccaccio use this name for women (real or fictional) in their writings.
hillaryrose7  1/3/2017
Fifi is also a good nickname.
graceoak123  11/18/2015
It is the name used by the Italian poet Giovanni Boccaccio to hide the true identity of the woman he loved, following the rules of medieval poetry. One of his works is entitled "Elegia di Madonna Fiammetta" (Elegy of my lady Fiammetta, 1343–1344. This explains this name's popularity in upper and cultivated classes, especially after the medieval revival of the 19th century. Little peak of popularity in the 1960s and 1970, especially in Tuscany.
manettamanetti  11/7/2013
My husband is from Sicily and has a very strong accent, so this is perfect. I also like the nickname Fia.
― Anonymous User  10/26/2013
It's a cool name with an awesome meaning. I'm surprised it isn't used more.
Athena Nike  3/14/2010
This name is so beautiful and interesting, with a lovely meaning. It would be so good for a story character.
-Julia-  10/1/2009
This name is just amazing. Not everyone could pull it off, and apparently not many people are brave enough to use it. I certainly encourage it to be used more often! Strong and unusual, with a fantastic meaning and history.
vomiting  6/16/2009
It's a first name that goes back to the Middle Ages. It's the name of the love interest of the Italian 14th century writer Giovanni Boccaccio (like Beatrice for Dante and Laura for Petrarch). He wrote a book entitled: "Elegia di Madonna Fiammetta". Fiammetta is also one of the narrators in the frame story of the Decameron.
lady murasaki  8/3/2007
I love this name. I think it should be a last name, not a first.
Sparky221  4/10/2007

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