Namesakes for Filipe

Notable Athletes: 4 soccer, 1 rugby
      (rugby) Mana Otai (a.k.a. Filipe)   1968-  
      (soccer) Rúben Amorim (a.k.a. Filipe)   1985-  
      (soccer) Filipe Luís   1985-  
      (soccer) João Moutinho (a.k.a. Filipe)   1986-  
      (soccer) André Gomes (a.k.a. Filipe)   1993-  
Portuguese Kings and Queens: 3 kings
      King Filipe I the Prudent   1580-1598  
      King Filipe II the Pious   1598-1621  
      King Filipe III   1621-1640