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The usage of this name is mostly second names and hardly first.
-- GIUSEPPINA  6/3/2005
Finley has been widely used as a first name for a long time. I disagree with the user who claims otherwise.
-- Anonymous User  3/21/2006
This is the name of actress Angie Harmon's first daughter. Her full name is Finley Faith Sehorn.
-- celeria  10/7/2005
Finley is the first name of actress Holly Marie Combs' son, Finley Arthur Donoho.
-- sarahbell05  5/3/2006
I prefer this name for a boy and trying to understand why girls are being given this name.
-- Anonymous User  7/17/2006
This is my last name though I think it would be a good name for a girl as well as a boy.
-- Anonymous User  10/2/2007
The fact is it's a nice name. You can't deny, though, that it's uncommon.
-- Anonymous User  11/1/2007
I love this name on a girl. On a boy it sounds too wimpy.
-- darcedarce  3/11/2008
I like this name a lot. This spelling looks nicer than Finlay, and the name is short and simple, and it's mature and sophisticated without being snobby or pretentious. It's got some old-fashioned charm to it as well. The nickname Finn is nice.
-- slight night shiver  4/22/2008
Finley is the name of one of Lisa Marie Presley's newborn twin daughters (born in 2008.)
-- Anonymous User  10/24/2008
I don't understand how this can be a first name. Why is it that surnames suddenly become popular and used as given names? It's not even that appealing, anyways. It either reminds me of a snobbish rich kid or the wimpiest midget you could possibly think of.
-- GunsnRoses8794  11/27/2008
The last comment is incorrect. Finlay was originally a first name. The surname comes from the first name.
-- Anonymous User  12/9/2008
I love this name! This is my best friend's name, and he's not wimpy, a rich kid, or stuck up. Fin is the perfect nickname for this name, as well. I can't think of any reasons not to like this name.
-- blcc_2009  12/21/2008
As of 2008, this name was more commonly given to girls.
-- Anonymous User  7/9/2010
This name is really cool. I like it and the nickname Finn.
-- Chrila96  11/20/2010
Finley was the first name of my great (x 5) grandfather, born in 1750 in Scotland. He was a sea captain. I named my son in honor of him. I hardly think it is a wimpy or feminine name, and was certainly a first name before it became a surname.
-- rowannrose  3/5/2012
There must be an error in the server.
This is definitely a males' name. Not remotely feminine or unisex

Americans: stop giving your daughters such masculine names!
-- Anonymous User  9/7/2014
Better suited as a masculine name. I see nothing feminine in this name.
-- Missy  9/7/2014
I don't like this name on a girl at all. Please, please do not name your daughter Finley.
-- Anonymous User  1/22/2015
I personally love this name and I'd name my daughter this in a heartbeat. And since most of the comments are on the topic of "this name is too masculine to be feminine", to me, names don't have a gender or race. It's all just up to our opinions. If you want to name your daughter Daniel or your son Sally, you go right ahead. If you're white and want to name your kid Sachiko or if you're Japanese and want to name your kid Juan then go for it! Don't go around telling people what they should or shouldn't do with their children's names! Also, don't start up something like "If you name your kid that, they'll surely get bullied on the school yard!" Honestly, why should they have to stop their dream of naming their beautiful baby their favorite name when we should be teaching our children to not bully? I'm pretty sure an uncommon name never hurt anybody, but bullying can really sting!
-- AshlynnNicole  2/1/2015

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