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GenderFeminine & Masculine

Meaning & History

Means "flower" in Italian. It can also be considered an Italian form of the Latin names FLORA and FLORUS.
Feminine FormsFiorella, Flora
Masculine FormFiorino
Other Languages & CulturesFlorus Ancient Roman Fleur, Floor, Florina, Fleurette, Floortje Dutch Flora, Fleur, Fleurette, Flo, Floella, Floretta, Florrie, Flower English Fleur, Flore, Florine, Fleurette, Florette French Flora German Flóra Hungarian Florina, Florinus Late Roman Florinda, Floro Portuguese Flora Roman Mythology Florin, Florina Romanian Florina, Florinda, Floro Spanish Fflur Welsh


flowers, Star Ocean characters
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