Given Name FIORE

GENDER: Feminine & Masculine
USAGE: Italian

Meaning & History

Means "flower" in Italian. It can also be considered an Italian form of the Latin names FLORA and FLORUS.
VARIANTS: Fiorella, Fiorino, Flora
FEMININE FORMS: Fiorella, Flora
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Florus (Ancient Roman), Fleur, Floor, Florina, Fleurette, Floortje (Dutch), Flora, Fleur, Fleurette, Flo, Floella, Floretta, Florrie, Flower (English), Fleur, Flore, Florine, Fleurette, Florette (French), Flora (German), Flóra (Hungarian), Florina, Florinus (Late Roman), Florinda (Portuguese), Flora (Roman Mythology), Florin, Florina (Romanian), Florina, Florinda (Spanish), Fflur (Welsh)