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This may only be obvious to me since I'm named after him, but a quite famous person with the name of Fletcher is Fletcher Christian, the mutineer who led the crew of the Bounty to rebellion against Captain Blye.
Fletch  9/11/2015
Not many people have heard of him, although his mutiny was supposed to be one of the most famous of all time, but a historical bearer of this name was Fletcher Christian. He was second-in-command on an English ship in 1789 when he mutinied and set the captain and the captain's supporters adrift in a boat with plenty of supplies but no compass. (They later made it back to England and told of Christian's "treachery.") Fletcher Christian then sailed to Tahiti, left some of his crew there who wanted to stay, and continued to Pitcairn, where he settled with the rest of the crew and had several children by a native woman. The men he left on Tahiti were later searched out, taken back to England, and court-marshaled. Three of them were hanged.
Christian was supposedly killed in a massacre in which Pitcairn natives killed most of the whites, but since no grave has ever been found, legend has it that he later returned to England in disguise even though he was a wanted man.
The only problem with this story is I have no idea why he mutinied except that supposedly he was in personal hell with the way the captain ran the ship.
Another interesting tidbit: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by the English poet Coleridge, was supposed to be written about Fletcher Christian and his courageous mutiny on the HMS Bounty.
authorgirl  8/2/2008
Nobody mentioned this but Mundungous Fletcher from Harry Potter.

He was mentioned in the earlier books but not until the Order of the Phoenix did he really appear. "Dung" is a crook, but highly valuable to the Order because he's able to gain information others can't through his own connections with crooks. Dung is a questionable contributor to the Order of the Phoenix, but he is extremely loyal to Albus Dumbledore because he got Dung out of trouble.
Libby2  12/29/2007
In the show Full Metal Alchemist, Fletcher is the younger brother of the fake Elric brothers.
alexyasha  4/15/2007
Yet another person who has this name as their last name is Alister Fletcher, a fictional character in Tomb Raider Legend.
Miss Natla  4/11/2006
Tom, one of the lead singers/guitarists in the British band McFly, also bears Fletcher as his last name.
Miss Natla  3/14/2006
Andrew John Fletcher, known as Fletch, is a member of the group Depeche Mode. He's the only band member who doesn't sing (his mike is turned off during performances), and is the only member who hasn't written a song for the group.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2006
Norman Stanley Fletcher, commonly known as Fletcher, was the main character in "Porridge", a popular British sitcom about prison life. Fletcher (or Fletch, as he was often called) was played by Ronnie Barker.
Miss Natla  2/16/2006
Chevy Chase played a journalist named Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher in the comedy "Fletch."
breakofday  12/29/2005

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