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Flower was the name of Bambi's friend, the skunk.
Emma2323  12/13/2005
Ummm...why would you name your child this?
beautyofwords9  3/20/2006
This name is too bland, and not creative.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2006
"Flower" could have a nameday on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) is the day of flowers and willows (the names of the other trees also have a nameday).
iva_toneva  6/19/2006
Sure. And you can name her twin brother Grass.
Mithos514  7/2/2006
No offense meant to anyone named Flower or who likes the name! I just think it's silly.
Mithos514  7/4/2006
I REALLY don't see any worthwhile appellative value in this so-called "cognomen". *Bangs head against the wall with laughter* What I mean is this is a plant! The actual plant name! This childish idiosyncratic garbage, I do not understand!
Starla-Marie_1993  7/15/2006
I'd just like to say, Starla_Marie that a flower is not a plant, it is a plant organ. If a flower were a plant it would be just as acceptable as Rose, Iris, Daisy, etc.
Bellula  8/10/2007
Please, if you love flowers, give your baby girl the name of an actual flower--such as Violet, Rose, Daisy, Peony, Iris, or Azalea!
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
I am not sure it's a good name for a first name but it would be good as a surname because I know people who have Flower as a surname. And most English words can be a surname, like Cook. So yeah it could make a good surname.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2006
If you ask me, naming your child 'Flower' is ridiculous. It's like planning out your kid's personality for them.
Surreal  10/15/2006
I agree with you on the fact that Flower is a ridiculous for a child, but then why do you have the name Wisdom listed as one of your favorites? If naming your child Wisdom isn't "planning out your kid's personality for them" then I don't know what is.
Mystic  12/27/2006
I've got no problem with someone giving the name to their child--after all, look at how popular "Fleur" and "Flora" have become, it's the same to me--but maybe it's just because of the accent I have or the general pronunciation of the word where I live, but the name just doesn't sound very nice to my ear. Surprisingly rough (the "OW" is just too defined), actually, despite its meaning.

But then, it could all just be my voice. I'm sure it sounds lovely with someone saying it, or with a person's personality (that really does effect the impression of the name in the end, much more so than the name effects the person), and I'm positive in a country that English isn't the dominant language, the name sounds even more attractive (or so my friend who grew up in France tells me, "English is probably the most beautiful-sounding language, unless you grew up speaking it").
Irish Pearl  3/25/2007
Not the best of names I'm afraid.
Luangi  4/9/2007
Heh, I named my favorite stuffed mouse doll Flower when I was little. It doesn't seem like the most creative name, although it is nice. I think it's a bit too simple to be a person's name though.
Eee  6/14/2007
I think this is good as a nickname or pet name.
mum2bubba  7/4/2007
I find it amusing that many people object to the name "Flower" on the basis that it's a recognisable English word. Has everyone forgotten that this is precisely how names came into being in the first place? Names are/were just words or compounds of words from a language. For example, in Mayan the name "Ixchel" is literally a smush of the words Rainbow + Lady and in modern English the name "Verity" means, er well, Verity! According to the logic behind those comments saying "Flower" is not valid as a name, neither is Ixchel or Verity in their respective cultures. The notion that names should not be recognisable words within their own languages is an entirely modern fallacy.
― Anonymous User  12/9/2007
I don't see why some people (or most people, in this case, hehe) don't like this name. Yes, it's simple, but that's why I like it so much. Over-complex names can be a mouthful.
neleh  12/13/2007
Hello! The '60s are OVER! & Guess what - these types of words are objects. NOT names!
― Anonymous User  3/20/2008
It doesn't sound very pretty, what with the identical pronunciation to 'flour'. This name is a hypernym, as opposed to hyponym, which sort of explains why this sounds so weird as a name when compared to Flower names that sound quite normal.
slight night shiver  4/22/2008
Flower was the long-reigning dominant female of the Whisker clan on "Meerkat Manor", until she was killed defending her pups from a poisonous snake.
FMRadio  6/2/2008
I don't think naming a child Flower is that bad. You could always use it as a middle name. In Yiddish you find Blume and in Spanish Flor.
Caprice  8/30/2008
Well excuse me but actually Flower is a beautiful name. That's my name! Not in English but in Spanish "flor" and it's beautiful regardless of what you say. Don't hate.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2008
Flowers are very beautiful, so the name would be wasted on a girl who was ugly.
Hushpuppy  11/26/2008
The Most. Ignorant. Comment. Ever.

In my opinion, this name is very hippie, and it doesn't even have a pleasant sound to it. I would go for Lily or Iris or what have you, if I wanted a “flowery” name for my daughter – one that would not ensure her a lot of teasing.
that one  5/12/2011
This name makes me think of the skunk from Bambi. Seems silly to name your kid this.
number1212  12/1/2008
No way. Very dumb and corny.
bananarama  2/21/2009
WOW! I typed in Flower and I did not expect it to be an official name. All I can say is that it is pretty for a plant but you are crazy to name your child this. Just name them a type of flower like Rose or Lily or something.
kool_babe14  5/12/2009
Daisy, Calla and Lily are fine names, but Flower? Seriously, it's really tacky and weird. And not very original either.
CharlieRob  7/26/2009
I really like this name. It's beautiful.
enchy  8/14/2009
I like flower names but I don't like this. But it's not like I like Flora either.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2010
"Flower" is a song by Gackt.
shotgun_wedding  3/16/2010
Fleur and Flora work. Ergo, Flower could work. People here are quick to laugh off anything they haven't come across in real life themselves without stopping to try and put their finger on the real aspect of the name they find so ludicrous.

Flower does sound like a hippy name, I'll admit. Many names do. Personally, I like it in the middle spot. It's also a surname in the history of many couples so no doubt it comes up for consideration there.
vomiting  2/13/2011
No. Just no. It's not cute or pretty. It's so... ew.
Black_X  7/28/2011
I think this would be a nice nickname... but that's it!
LadyVanRaven  7/23/2012
Why is this even listed as a name?
― Anonymous User  2/1/2013
I've known one girl who's middle name was Flower and she went by it. It was strange at first but eventually it just becomes another name.

There's a woman I'd never met but I met her mother. The mother thought she was so clever and amazing when she named her daughter Flaugher, pronounced like Flower. Yeah...

I think Flower names are fine but Flower itself is a bit silly. I would keep it for the animals. If that.
Book_Reader22  3/3/2013
I'm sorry, but this is worse than Blossom - and Blossom is a pretty bad name for people and should be reserved for animals. Aside from the "Flower" character in Bambi (an ironically-named skunk), I can't imagine this as any living thing's name. Seriously, it's a part of a plant. Should we start using "Stamen" as a name?

At least Flora, Fleur, etc. Sound nice. Flower doesn't even have a very attractive sound.
erb816  7/13/2014
What a dumb, brainless, hippy name

There are plenty of flower names. Naming your child 'Flower' is going overboard.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/7/2014
This name just dosen't impress me and it looks and sounds quite bland. I would rather use Flora which is a name also derived from Latin flos meaning "Flower". It sounds better and looks better.
lilolaf  1/9/2016
*Guesses that about 80% of people who give negative impressions of word names only come to the site to do so*
Just curious-- how is naming my child "Nitzan" meaning 'Flower bud' in Hebrew any different from naming my child "Flower" in English? Same thing only different languages...
Rhubarb  2/3/2018

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