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The name of the French people in itself derives from the name of the Franks, a Germanic tribe who invaded Gaul and merged with the Gallo-Roman population. They had many different names and the name "Franks" was given to them by the Latin speaking inhabitants of Gaul, from "Francus", "free man" (Latin).
Lupiot  8/29/2015
Meaning is also Free.
bealacomb  7/23/2011
The name Francis comes from the same word for 'French man' but this comes from the fact that 'France' was so called as being 'Free Land', therefore Francis in turn means 'Free Man'or 'The Free'.
fnewman  2/23/2006
Since this name means Frenchman, it can be traced back to mean free. France is named after the Franks, which means free in the Frankish language.
Phantom  4/9/2005

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