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František is character from the Slovak TV show "Susedia". He is played by Peter Marcin.
Ronja  6/26/2007
One famous bearer is František Černý which a singer from folkband Čechomor.
Maggie_Simpson  12/23/2007
František Palacký, historian and politician (14 June, 1798 Hodslavice – 26 May, 1876 Praha).
Emilie007  9/7/2008
Nicknames: Franta, Fráňa, Franěk, Ferenc, Fery, Išek, Frank.
Emilie007  9/7/2008
Swain Franta is a fictional character from the fairy-tale "Jak se Franta naučil bát" (1959). He was played by Ladislav Trojan.
Emilie007  12/14/2008
Franz Kafka, a German-speaking Czech, was sometimes called František, as both names are essentially the same name. They have the same root: Franciscus/Francis.
Amedee Lupien  9/25/2015

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