Names Related to Fredo

Names that are related to FREDO:
ÆLFRÆD   m   Anglo-Saxon
ALF (2)   m   English
ALFIE   m   English
ALFRÉD   m   Hungarian
ALFRED   m   English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Polish, Dutch
ALFREDA   f   Polish, German, Italian, English
ALFREDAS   m   Lithuanian
ALFREDO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
AVERY   m & f   English
BEDŘICH   m   Czech
FEDERICA   f   Italian
FEDERICO   m   Spanish, Italian
FEDERIGO   m   Italian
FIETE   m   German
FRED   m   English, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese
FREDA   f   English
FREDDIE   m & f   English
FREDDY   m   English
FRÉDÉRIC   m   French
FREDERICA   f   Portuguese, English
FREDERICK   m   English
FREDERICO   m   Portuguese
FREDERIK   m   Danish, Dutch
FREDERIKKE   f   Danish
FRÉDÉRIQUE   f   French
FREDO   m   Italian (Rare)
FREDRIC   m   English
FREDRICK   m   English
FREDRIK   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
FREDRIKA   f   Swedish, Finnish
FREEK   m   Dutch
FRICIS   m   Latvian
FRIDERIK   m   Slovene
FRĪDRIHS   m   Latvian
FRIDURIC   m   Ancient Germanic
FRIEDERIKE   f   German
FRIEDRICH   m   German
FRIGYES   m   Hungarian
FRIÐRIK   m   Icelandic
FRIÐRIKA   f   Icelandic
FRITS   m   Dutch
FRITZ   m   German
FRITZI   f   German
FRYDERYK   m   Polish
FRYDERYKA   f   Polish
GJORD   m   Swedish (Rare)
GJURD   m   Norwegian (Rare)
GODAFRID   m   Ancient Germanic
GODFREY   m   English
GODFRIED   m   Dutch
GODOFREDO   m   Spanish, Portuguese
GODTFRED   m   Norwegian
GOFFREDO   m   Italian
GOFRAIDH   m   Irish
GORAIDH   m   Scottish
GOTTFRID   m   Swedish
GOTTFRIED   m   German
GUÐFRIÐR   m   Ancient Scandinavian
RICA   f   English (Rare)
RIIKA   f   Finnish
RIIKKA   f   Finnish
RIK   m   Dutch
RIKA   f   Swedish, Dutch
RIKE   f   German
RIKKE   f   Danish
VEETI   m   Finnish