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Can also mean "Peaceful Ruler" and "Noble Woman".
JemimaP1  3/26/2017
In some instances, Frida may be a nickname for Frederica.
vomiting  1/9/2011
My first name is Frida, and I guess I like it enough. But I'm not sure of the origin - one theory is the one Caprice posted, the other is that it is from the word "frid" meaning "peace".
(I'm Swedish, and frid in Swedish means peace, as in peace of mind.)

FairyGirl - ouch. I was bullied from ten to thirteen years of age because of that.
Zanizaila  10/21/2010
Means "Joy" in Yiddish.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2006
Frida is also a Nordic name meaning "beautiful" or "beloved".
Caprice  8/27/2005

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