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Toy story 4 uses this name to name a creepy doll who is the villain of the movie. Way to make the nickname worse than it already was.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2019
One of my best friends is named Gabi (Gabrielle)! I love the nickname, but not really spelled Gabby, it's much nicer as Gabi to me. Also, I think Gabriela (with one L) is the best full name for this nickname.
MayaHelen  7/2/2019
So my name is Gabriella, and I used to absolutely love having a nickname, especially this one. That was before I found out it meant annoyingly talkative and that I shared the nickname with 7 other girls in my dance studio of 100 girls. Sometimes I like the nickname, more often I don’t. Starting my freshman year I tried to get people to call me by my full name, but people automatically shorten it, which annoys me. Also I don’t like when people say my nickname fits me because I talk so much (I am actually a very shy, quiet person). Anyways, sorry for the rant but it is hard to change Gabby and I don’t like this nickname anymore.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2019
Eh, I prefer Ella or Bri or Brielle for a nickname for Gabriella.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2019
I only know one Gabrielle, she goes by Gabby, and she pronounces it "Gab-ee".
lily_m1102  1/31/2019
Terrible, terrible nickname.
Curious me  9/2/2018
I dislike this nickname.
kayisforkeen  8/13/2018
Gabby Goat is a (male) friend of Porky Pig’s.
That70sShowGeek  7/5/2018
It's a very stupid name and it would be hard for me to take someone with this name seriously.
Prime Meridian  6/20/2018
I was always wondering what my nickname meant, now I know. My mom said she gave me the nickname since I "gabbed" a lot, too.
PrincessZelda  3/26/2017
Only fit for a little girl.
Luvbug86  10/7/2016
My name is Gabrielle, and it's a giant love-hate relationship. Some days I love my name because of its elegance and unpopularity (where I live, at least), and other days I hate it because of the 'Gab' part, or how childish it sounds. And for my name I have two nicknames - Gabby and Gabs. I actually prefer my nicknames to my name itself, because even on the days I love my name, I find it too long. It's length has always been a silly issue for me. However, Gabriella also has 9 letters, but it sounds so much prettier and feminine; and I like it a lot better than my own name. But, yet, if I ever had the opportunity to change my name, I don't think I would.
Gabrielle Doiron  7/1/2016
For a boy named Gabriel use Gabe, For Gabrielle/Gabriellas Gabby is good.
Eileen1209864  4/9/2016
My name is Gabriella and I use Gabriella in a formal setting when I don't know people or if I have to deal with people in business or I plain don't like them.

I am known as Gabby because I am talkative and rather Gobby but Gabby is a term of endearment for someone like family or a boyfriend to use but no one else.
gabbycoscia  3/24/2016
For a boy it should be pronounced GAY-BEE.
― Anonymous User  6/28/2015
Hey all... I'm a Gabby, (actually a Gabriela, but I'm usually called Gabby and have always been called Gabby) and some of these comments are just downright rude. Yes, I admit, sometimes I wish I could not go by Gabby, (or maybe change the spelling of my nickname, even though there wouldn't be much point in that - it still sounds the same as the act. Word) but I've always gone by it because others called me it, so why change it now? It sounds kind of cute and all, but I have SM (selective mutism) and do not talk much around others at all, so that doesn't help the situation! I didn't choose to go by Gabby, I was just always called that. Also, in my opinion, Gabby could still work as a full name as if you were gabrielle/gabriel(l)a you would most likely go as Gabby as well. I didn't choose this name, my parents did. If I had the choice would I change it to one of the other thousands of, in my opinion, better-fitting names out there? Probably. But, some people like this name I'm sure and I'm so sick of all of these stereotypes of dumb or "popular" cheerleaders that talk too much. Yes, it isn't nice having a common name, (i've known 28 others in my life) that isn't the best, but I still would like to think that my name isn't the WORST thing out there. You should stop insulting the names that people were given, because even if it's #1 in a country, it's still probably special to them and no one likes being insulted for something that they LIKE or cannot help. A name is part of your life, and you shouldn't have to be ridiculed for liking a name and especially not for HAVING a name. I'm not any of the things that these other hurtful comments said... some people are so judgmental. Just because you've met or known of someone like that, doesn't mean that we're all like that. Please, just stop being so hateful!
rie  9/5/2014
Sounds trashy, fugly, immature and stupid.
― Anonymous User  8/13/2014
Okay I take back what I said. My apologies for my previous comment. ☮ I no longer think of Gabby as the things I said before. Gabby doesn't sound horrendous. I think this is better used as a nickname than a forename though. And the informal slang meaning of the identical word "Gabby" meaning "excessively or annoyingly talkative" isn't exactly pleasant. But of course, it's up to the parents to go for whatever name they love that makes them happy. ^-^
― Anonymous User  10/18/2015
When I was younger I used to like the name Gabrielle, but not Gabby... and now, I hate both. The "Gab-" is what gets me, I think; it is such an unattractive, curdled, childish sound. Although, I don't feel the same repulsion over Gabriel-- in fact, masculine Gabriel(e) is one of my favorite names.
It appears that some of the others have covered the negative association one will walk with if called "Gabby," how it will always be associated with a talkative, gossipy, stereotypical "foolish" motormouthed girl.
Francesca  10/15/2013
Gabby was given to 48 baby girls born in the US in 2012 as a full name.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
How about ellie for Gabrielle instead? And if you called a boy named Gabriel Gabby, (which doesn't really make sense since its "gay-briel" and Gabby has the short I sound like the word at) he'd probably get made fun of. It doesn't really sound cute on a girl or a boy.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2013
Gaby, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabi.
Nickname for Gabriella Gabrielle or Gabriel.
SEC908  10/20/2012
Gabrielle sounds mature and beautiful; Gabby sounds infantile and rather insulting (she's so gabby!). I'd rather use Bree as a nickname.
Black_X  1/27/2011
Yucky yuck yuck. I don't like this nickname.
Chrila96  10/9/2010
I hate this name. It sounds whiny and annoying.
Alora  5/3/2010
Even though I love the name Gabriela, I hate this nickname!
nicole_10107  10/1/2009
It's the sort of adjective sexist people, and this can and does often include women, use to describe women and girls who talk too much, or ''too much'' in their opinion anyway, as they rather prefer females to remain silent altogether. Not a nice thing to call your daughter. The name is very girly and immature, and guys named Gabriel should be called Gabe instead. The nickname sounds very ugly anyway.
slight night shiver  5/25/2008
George "Gabby" Hayes, American actor best known as a bearded sidekick in westerns.
Kosta  12/17/2007
I have to admit, Gabby sounds kinds cute when you hear a British person said 'Gubby'.
7up  4/14/2007
My name is Gabrielle and I just hate that name! It sounds way too sophisticated. Gabby however sounds like Gabrielle's polar opposite. It sounds so happy and cheerful and carefree. That's why I go by Gabby. And it sounds really British, too. I can imagine some English fellow saying "Ello Gubby! Lovely day today, isn't Gubby?"
Jesus_Freak  4/6/2007
Gabrielle (CoCo) Chanel and Gabrielle Union are famous bearers.
TalkativeGabby  3/6/2007
There was a girl named "Gabrielle" in my school when I was growing up. She NEVER stopped TALKING, and it wasn't very nice things that she was saying most of the time. Which is why when we all found out (in fourth grade) that "Gabby" was a synonym for "talkative", she became forever "Gabby". Even the teachers called her that jokingly, because she'd interrupt class for ridiculous questions or to insult them, so it was as a semi-retort to her.

That's why I can't see this as a serious, or kind, full name for a child.
Irish Pearl  2/14/2007
I hate the name/nickname Gabby. It sounds like a goose that won't stop talking.
7up  1/22/2007
My name is Gabestellia. But since it is so long, Gabby is my nickname.
libbygirl  11/24/2006
It's cute, especially for a nickname. Gabby could be a nickname for Gabriela, Gabriella or Gabrielle. Gabby suits females more than males.
melodyprayer  11/5/2006
The word gabby means "talkative."
breakofday  12/22/2005
I love the name Gabby but there are so many ways to spell it such as Gaby, Gabie and more. I think it is the cutest name for a little girl and when she grew up it would still fit her. Overall I love that name!
cowgirl  12/19/2005

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