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Gallagher is the surname of two members of the amazing British rock band Oasis, Noel and Liam Gallagher, and the actor/singer Peter Gallagher who plays Sandy Cohen on the show the O.C.
shadow.of.a.dream  12/24/2005
Gallagher is the name of a fictitious family in the TV series "Shameless". I don't think anyone outside the UK will have heard of it, but it's my favourite show and I love the Gallaghers because they remind me of my family.
hana  1/27/2006
I love the name Gallagher. I think it is a very strong, stately name and very rare without sounding obscure.
ellen2321  5/6/2006
Can't forget about that ridiculous sledgehammer-wielding comedian...that's what comes to mind for me upon hearing this name.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2006
Gallagher or Gallaher is pronounced with a 'h' sound not a 'g' sound. I should know since my mother's maiden name is Gallaher. If you notice on the meaning page Ó Gallchobhair is not spelt with a 'g' so where is the sound coming from!
mary.mushroom  10/1/2006
There is a 'g' sound in the Americanised pronunciation of Gallagher, since it's usually spelled with one and, being removed from Ireland, they don't usually know the original pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2007
Agreeing with the poster above. In Scotland too, Gallagher is a common surname and pronounced Galla-her, not Galla-ger, though perhaps it is pronounced with a 'g' sound in the US.
Elly747  2/19/2007
I agree with the above. I've noticed that non-Irish people have trouble pronouncing Gallagher! I can't understand why, it's such an easy name.
Clodagh  10/27/2007
I have always hated Oasis and the Gallagher bothers as people, so this surname doesn't have very nice connotations to me. Besides, this name sounds more like a surname, which it is.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
Growing up USA my maiden name was Gallagher. During a recent trip to Ireland I found out the true pronunciation. Funny how I always thought that the h sound was Americanized. In any case, I loved finding out more about the name and its connection with the "Flight of the Earls". While growing up I was always kidded by someone who remembered an old vaudeville act where the one man would say "Good morning Mr Gallagher" and the other would say "Good morning Mr. Sheen" and they would go on to deliver jokes to the tune played by a piano player in the background. Apparently they were quite the hit because they never let me by without a mention of it. Besides thinking how undignified it is to make fun of someone's name this way (that's how I saw it) the only thing I remember about the name specifically is that as a child Patricia Gallagher was a tremendous amount to write at the head of every paper for school. I do love the name and I do love that my heritage is Irish. I read a considerable amount about Ireland and have a tremendous curiosity about the language. I always enjoy learning more.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2010
Gallagher is such a stately, strapping, handsome name. I understand that the correct Irish pronunciation does not include the second 'g,' but I must admit that the 'g' is actually something I find attractive... it is a bit like Gregory, another name that I like, in that I adore the repetition of the letter. Or Gilbert - though there is no second 'g,' the 'b' is heavy enough to have the same effect. Of course, the pronunciation Gallaher is pleasant, too. Ultimately, however, I prefer that this name remain a surname.
Francesca  10/8/2013
Some Americans pronounce this with the H. The pronunciation with the hard G occurs in all English-speaking countries.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2013
Too much of a surname.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/7/2014
LMS  5/16/2016
Definitely not a name I'd use, since it reminds me of those pretentious, snobby Gallagher brothers.
Buneary  8/2/2016

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