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This name is pronounced gah-mah-lee-el in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
A variation of this name is Gamliel.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
I love this name... even though it is not popular or hard to pronounce, it brigthens up my day when I hear it. I suggest you name it to your baby boy that when he grows up he will earn a lot of chances and will be loved by many.
sweetgirl_098  12/31/2004
I love this name too it also brightens up my day when I hear it or come across it. It's a Greek form of the Hebrew name meaning "Reward of God". The name is hard to pronounce so I use GAMA for short, or like I would say in Spanish "De Cariño."
gatitabella83  1/26/2006
Gamaliel Tumpin is the name of the protagonist in Robin Jarvis' novel Thorn Ogres of Hagwood.
lawruh  2/11/2006
Gamaliel was Warren G. Harding's middle name; he was a former President.
lcgirl20  6/13/2007
I like this name. It sounds like it fits a wise teacher. Hence the reason I've named one of my characters, a centaur, Gamaliel.
Atarah Derek  8/17/2007
Gamaliel looks hard to pronounce, and it sounds pretentious. It also brings to mind the aforementioned Warren G. Harding, and he wasn't exactly a great president.
bananarama  9/21/2009
GAMALIEL: Polluted of God
YESOD is the place of the final forms that become Matter in MALKUTH
The GAMALIEL are the misshapen images that produce vile results. The outer form is the order of OGIEL, "those who flee from GOD."

LILITH - Night Spectre
To GAMALIEL Lilith is the attributed and "is the grand lady of all demons." The demons are sometimes considered to be the children of LILITH who is said to be the woman who comes to men in their dreams.

ACHRA  10/9/2017

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